Indian Journal of Pathology and Microbiology

: 2023  |  Volume : 66  |  Issue : 1  |  Page : 232--233

Diagnose the riddle!!

Susan Maria Mendonca, Bismay Das 
 Department of Pathology, United Institute of Medical Sciences, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India

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Susan Maria Mendonca
Department of Pathology, United Institute Of Medical Sciences, Prayagraj-211012, Uttar Pradesh

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Mendonca SM, Das B. Diagnose the riddle!!.Indian J Pathol Microbiol 2023;66:232-233

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Mendonca SM, Das B. Diagnose the riddle!!. Indian J Pathol Microbiol [serial online] 2023 [cited 2023 Mar 23 ];66:232-233
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1. I have no season,

I fall with a reason,

To knock me off is a perfect plan,

It's neither a homicide nor an accident,

Though I perform a perfect job,

In birth, growth & death,

Neither a eulogy nor epitaph do I get.

Who am I?

2. Processing food and drugs is my job,

Binge drinking and high glucose make me sob,

Yellow droplet tears in me I hide,

They empty with formaldehyde,

When under skin, eating you blame,

Size zero and abs become your aim,

When in me, guess my name?

3. Wear a mask to see me,

As my perfume may trigger a syncopy,

My costume is dark and boggy,

Bowel is my favorite home,

When my friends decide to roam,

The person I am in is sent to his doom.

Who am I?

4. Lumps and bumps I present with,

Hold me under skin,

I slip out,

Hold me bare,

Your hands I grease,

When you process me,

Only my boundaries remain.

Who am I?

5. Cool regions are my habitat,

Not reachable to any app,

From human to lion I transform,

If my specialist you don't inform,

And a stain you don't perform,

If you let me grow and survive,

Without glove and stocking,

In cold you thrive.

Who am I?

6. My mode of spread is a feeling called love,

For drugs, for babies, for another human being,

The host security, silently I kill,

Diagnosing me soon is against nature's will,

When the security guards drop,

A party I throw,

My partners in crime,

Invade, reproduce, and grow,

Who am I?

7. A defect in skeleton,

Not a disease of bone,

Form does alter,

In job, tries not to falter,

A distance away, a hunter awaits,

Grows a big belly, he loves the taste,

When the forest protests with yellow and white,

The hunter is punished with a spell of exile.

Who am I?

8. From a dominant gene I form,

I cause the person to be tall,

Skeleton, eyes, heart, and vessels,

Are my sites to mess,

Spider in hand is your clue,

Arm span greater than height is true,

Who am I?


1. Apoptosis

2. Fatty liver

3. Wet gangrene causing septic shock leading to death

4. Lipoma

5. Leprosy

6. Human immunodeficiency virus

7. Hereditary spherocytosis

8. Marfan syndrome

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